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2020 March 


 2020 February




May all the joy and flourishing luck be with you and your family this year of RAT. Pak Tak’s manufacturing plants in China are reopening as scheduled = Today, 10th Feb 2020. Today and tomorrow, after all departments are doing their best to clean and disinfect, they will immediately resume normal work. Pak Tak has established a number of certainly policies and have implemented such throughout workshops….Like….  

1.    Wearing Mask

2.    Hand cleaning

3.    Sterilized carpet

We place these cleaned carpets right at the entrance of the workshops, each worker must steps on these carpet and brush their shoes to leave dust and dirt before entering the workshop.

4.     Sterilization of all equipment, like

4a) Automatic knitting machines4b) Linking machines4c) Washing machines4d) Scissors, cutter... etc4e) Production floors 

5.    Working hours rearrangement

5a) Divided the number of workers into 25% a portion       

5b) Each portion come into work in 30 minutes apart, this enhance no crowded congestion to work, just to make room for workers, to avoid flu infection.         

5c)   i.e:

  1. 1st 25% @ 0700am

  2. 2nd 25%@ 0730am

  3. 3rd 25% @ 0800am

  4. Last 25%@ 0830am

6.     Prohibited visitors to enter into the workshops., unless visitors agree with the above point (1) + (2) + (3)., if so, visitor

7.     We post very clear the emergency number of the city at top of the bill board of the workshop = “110”, this is to make sure all workers know what number to call

        when there is people that suspected to be ill, and especially flu l like symptom.


8.    Set up and reinforce, indeed have been there since Year 2015., a First Aid Centre within the Factory Campus.,

9.    Encourage physical exercise, encourage workers to do more jogging, cycling, running, tennis, basketball., this would enhance body healthiness to fight again flu.

  All effort and policy have been increasingly added from to time…to fight this recent problem, plus, we are striving all our level best to overwhelm this Coronavirus crisis without hesitation. Pak Tak has committed to offer Quality, exact color/size quantity plus punctual delivery all our esteemed customers. Thank you.