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Pak Tak Coronavirus Update


What's New


2020 March 


2020 February



Taking liberty to drop in a few lines here to report that our factory in Dongguan has implemented a number of deployments in orders to fight and alleviate the contagious of the pandemic.


There is nothing, absolutely 100%, but our ethos is that at least we employ a number of positive., indeed active and effective policy to keep our workshop assured that they're no workers allowed to enter into the work areas if:


1.   Their body temperature is higher than normal 37.5c which are considered that they have a fever by individually check body temperature using the infrared.


2.   They are insisting to pace on a sterilized carpet., before entering the workshops., just to make sure their shoes are sterilized. (Labor law does not allow workers to enter into workshops without wearing a proper shoes)


3.  All hands are required to receive sterilized fluid spraying before entering the work areas.


4.  Mask wearing is compulsory.


I hope this video https://youtu.be/S7JH-SlnEWA could strength your confidence in PakTak work force are healthy and our mind set to fight the coronavirus is strong and sharp as bedrock.